The Scruffins by Julie Ingram

When Mavis's anxiety gets the best of her at a public piano performance, she panics. As a result, she becomes fearful that she is inadequate to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. When another important piano competition approaches, Mavis must find a way to overcome her trepidation. In come a gregarious band of crickets and a wise old piano teacher who teach Mavis what music is really all about.

Set in the musical city of Memphis, Tennessee, The Scruffins is an early chapter book for children ages 7 - 99.

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Julie Ingram

Julie Ingram was born in Long Beach, California. At the age of 6, she fell in love with reading, the same year she started piano lessons. In elementary school, she played drums in her school orchestra and lost herself in stories by Madeleine L’Engle, Beverly Cleary, and Peggy Parish. Her fascination with words and sounds continued through her teen years and led her to pursue foreign languages and music in college, earning a BA in Italian from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Music from the University of Texas at Austin.

Having taught, composed, and performed music since 2002, Julie wrote The Scruffins, a chapter book about a nine-year old girl who, having learned to play the piano, is scared to perform, until a gregarious band of crickets and a wise old piano teacher help her to overcome her fear. Julie lives in Los Angeles and plays in a classic country band called The Lady Bankers. Check them out if you’re ever in town!
Julie Ingram